Sweet Pea

How can it be that Paige is already 3 1/2 weeks old? I already want to scream for time to stop and let me enjoy these moments a little longer. She is such a sweet, sweet baby. A few observations from her 3 1/2 fast weeks. She is an active and strong little girl. She likes to be where the action is. She is a great sleeper. She makes many of the same strange, goat-like noises that Natalie made. She can go from content to extremely pissed in no time! Not a big fan of diaper changes. She likes to ride in the car. She like to be held and loved on. She is making sweet baby noises. She is much more awake and alert than I remember Natalie being. She is a love!!

Remind me that I said all of these lovely things around 6 tonight when I am trying to get dinner on the table, eat, pay attention to Natalie, clean-up, give Natalie a bath and give her the bedtime routine that she is used to all while Paige acts like a 3 1/2 week old needing lots of love and attention herself. Not my favorite time of day!! Thank goodness Kim will be here on Tuesday to help again. I really don't like the evening shifts!


So, let's mark yesterday as Natalie and Paige's first sister interaction. It went something like this...Natalie heard Paige make a fun, happy-baby noise for the first time. She thought it was so funny that her sister made this sound. It made her laugh. Paige heard Natalie laugh and made another cute baby noise. Very sweet! Then Natalie wanted to lay on the floor and be near Paige. Seeing them look at each other and almost interact was amazing. It warmed my heart!!


Poster-Mom for Breastfeeding

This is the title that Paige's doctor gave me today at her two week check-up. Little did he know or maybe he did, that he gave me one of the best compliments.

He was amazed that she weighs 8lbs and 8oz already and that it all came from me. You see, breastfed babies are only supposed to be back to birth weight by two weeks. For Paige that would be 7lbs 6oz. We are overachievers! He said to me, you must be feeding her all the time!! Nope, just every three hours and sometimes she will go longer. He was even more amazed. I told him that I did the same thing with my first child. My conclusion....I make buttermilk!!


Baby smells

A&D ointment
Hand sanitizer
Milk breath
I love them all...



The only Heels I am excited about today....

World's Best Dad, Priorities

So, in light of last nights game, I probably shouldn't post this but I am going to...

The night of the Sweet Sixteen, last Friday night, Kim, Paige and I were chillin' in the hospital, watching Paige's first UNC game when a nurse came in...

Nurse: There is a discharge class at 8:30 that we like for everyone to go to.
Me: (After calculating in my head that it would only be half-time of the game) Do I HAVE to go?
Nurse: We encourage everyone to go but you don't have to.
Me: OK.

Enter another nurse....

Nurse: Are you going to class?
Me: Do I have to? (Feeling a little slack but really wanting to see the game....)
Nurse: No, but we encourage you to go.

Nurse leaves, I look at Kim. What are we going to do?

By this time it is about 8:15 and Paige is wanting to nurse, great, I don't have to go, I have to nurse the baby. But my sweet, pleasing husband attended the class by himself!

My punishment, none of the second-half of the game was shown on CBS up here.


First day "alone"

So, this was my first morning at home with the girls by myself and it went really well, thankfully. Natalie has taken to this new child in her life so well. I am so thankful and amazed. She loves Paige, you can tell. But she is also very willing to give her the space that she needs. She wants to be near her and help out but is still very content to do her own thing. I am wondering when reality will set in for her and she will be ready to send Paige back.

Paige is a really great baby. Personally, I haven't met a baby that isn't great but even by sleeping/needy standards she is great! I feel bad because I am sure that she has spent more time in a bouncy seat/cradle in her first week of life than Natalie spent in the first month of hers but she seems to be handling it all well.

The drama of the morning was that while I was nursing Paige, Natalie took a head-dive off the chair onto the hardwood floors. She landed right on the top of her head, ouch!! Lots of screaming!! Great, my first day by myself and already a child has a concussion. Way to go! If I am being complete honest, I was laughing inside, just a little. Here we go...