Thankful Thursday

  • A morning with the girls (and Reed)
  • Coordinated naptimes
  • Beautiful fall afternoons
  • Borrowed halloween costumes
  • VH1 Classics


Kids do the....

This is what I discovered when I went in to help Natalie wipe. Where do kids learn this suff?


Something new

So, I started something new today with some friends of mine. They have been doing this for a while and invited me to join in. It is a dinner co-op of sorts. I cook dinner for all three of us one night during the week and in turn I get meals delivered to me two other nights. I am really excited. I am not that gifted in the kitchen...we will see how it turns out. Stay posted. It could free me up for more blogging!


The Happy Couple

So, here they are. Just after he popped the question. Are they cute or what!?

He proposed on the beach. A beach that they visit often (they live in Florida). I hear that he was so nervous that he almost fell down the stairs getting onto the beach. I hear that he didn't really even get to ask, he just got down on one knee (as it should be) and she tackled him in the sand.

My heart is overflowing with joy. You see, Miranda is perfect for Dave. We all know that Dave has his quirks and Miranda loves him and his quirks. Miranda is great for Dave, she doesn't take any crap from him, in a loving way. Dave is great for Miranda. He loves her deeply. He supports her, encourages her. They are best friends. They do puzzles together, I think that is the cutest thing ever.

I am filled with joy because I am so proud of my brother and the man that he has become. Like lots of young people, Dave made some not-so-great decisions but about five years ago he started making great decisions and has continued to do so. He is filled with compassion and love beyond belief.

In some ways this is the completion of our family. I have my second and final sister. Miranda is promising to love Dave and our family forever, I hope she knows what she is in for...I love you guys. I am so excited for you! Let's PARTY!



My baby brother is engaged. I cannot believe it. I am so excited for he and Miranda. More thoughts on this later, we are visiting with friends in Virginia. My baby brother is getting married.....


Growing Up

She is getting so big I can hardly stand it. I was looking at her shoes sitting on the stairs and it made me cry. She is not supposed to be this big yet. My baby. My sweet girl.


Paige Pics

By popular demand, here are some recent pictures of my Sweet Pea...
She has rolled over three time (I missed two of them because my back was to her, one of which was the first.)

Just two days ago she started sitting on her own.

She LOVES sucking on her toes!!


Jumpin' Back In

It is so weird to try to get back into doing something after you have been slack for a long time. How do you get back in? How do you pick up the ball after you have let it drop? Well, here is my attempt at the awkward "first post back" and hopefully the blogging juices will start flowing again.