How's this for my first post in over six months....I passed my exam. I can do other things besides be a Mommy. Leigh Askew, IBCLC, RNC, BSN. I think I might have more letters after my name than in my name. I like this title better, Leigh Askew, Boob Whisperer.



I love making lists. Especially when I am overwhelmed with life. Making lists makes me feel like I am accomplishing something, getting organized. So, I am off to make a list.....



In one day....I am on a roll.

This is so sweet. I am so happy for them!


You thought that I would never post again.....so did I. I am inspired so here goes. Of course it has to do with my girl.

Me: Natalie, I am exasperated.
N: why?
Me: I feel like I have a lot to do....
N: Yes, Mommie but you need to remain unflappable.

Thank you Pinky-Dinky Doo!

N: Mommie, what does this say?
Me: Visit us at learningcompany.com
N: Dash org

Thank you PBS!

The child makes me laugh!!


Natalie Quote

Kim: Natalie, have a good night. I have to go to work.
Natalie: Wait, I need a dance first.

Kim turned the radio in the kitchen on and they danced. I cried. I have no idea what was on the radio, all I could hear in my head was this.


Paige Update

We took Paige to the eye doctor for follow-up today. The report that we got couldn't have been better. She is doing great! I think she is doing better than "Dr. Doom and Gloom" ever thought that she would.

The amplitude of her nystagmus has not gotten any worse, if anything it is better. By the grace of God, they way that it is easiest for her to see is by looking straight ahead, looking to the right does appear to be a challenge but that is way better than the opposite scenario. She does not need glasses right now. She uses both of her eyes equally well. There is no need for surgery. He is not going to see us again for 6 months (the receptionist said "she must be doing really well").

We are so thankful!