I should be doing something to help us be more settled into our house right now but instead I am "trapped" in Paige's room helping her sleep. We are trying to start some sleep training with her helping her sleep on her own, she is a great sleeper at night but her naps leave a little to be desired. Kim's suggested as he walked out the door that we both snuggle up together and take a nap. As lovely as that sounds, that will not solve the long term problem of helping her learn to sleep. I don't like this part of parenting an infant. But, it must be done. With Natalie the process seemed hopeless until it worked. And work it did, she is a GREAT sleeper. As least I have that to look forward to with Paige. So, as I am typing away I am taking lots of breaks to retrieve her passie, etc. Does she not realize that if she would just leave it in her mouth her/my life right now would be a lot easier. When she finally drifts off to sleep she is so peaceful. Is there anything in this world sweeter than a sleeping baby??
So, what else have we been up to? Unpacking lots of boxes!!! Natalie got her big girl bed and we have been decorating her room, the first room that we are "finishing". Next is Paige's room, then their bathroom.
We had a great trip to Florida to visit Dave. 11 hours in the car with the girls but we all survived. We drove with my mom and dad so that made the time in the care more fun! We had several days to play on the beach. Natalie LOVES the beach, loves it! She loves the ocean, doesn't care at all when she has sand all over her little body, loves digging, loves it. We also went to Sea World one day since Dave is only an hour from Orlando. Sea World was, well, an adventure. The low points:
  • It was 120 degrees. not really 120, but it was HOT.
  • Natalie got sunscreen in her eyes and was a little tired already not a good combo.
  • Kim had a migraine, the world's worst place to have a migraine!

The high points:

  • The shows were awesome! The dolphin show made my mom cry. Natalie is still doing the Shamu cheer.
  • Natalie had a great time, especially after a nap in the stroller. She is probably a bit too young to get the most out of it.
  • The Budweiser Hospitality Pavilion.
  • My mom had an awesome time, she loves animals. loves them.
  • Sea World has roller coasters now, I was not aware and I did not get to ride them but they looked really cool and when we go back, I will.

What else...we have having a great time getting back into life in Winston. I do love it here. This is home. I realized that I don't have ANY pictures of Paige developed. Perhaps I should stop blogging and hop on over to Shutterfly. Or perhaps Paige is finally "sound asleep" and I can leave...


Time with friends, pray answered

Wow, it was a long time ago that I posted this.
One of the perks of being back in Winston is that we get to hang out with the Lenham family again. We had dinner with them last night and I cannot believe how well Claire is doing!! She has been seizure free for 7 weeks. She is so interactive. She wants to be hugged and sit on your lap. She is a sweet, sweet girl and you can tell that she is really trying to communicate with others. What an amazing thing to witness and see. Praise God! Claire and I had a neat relationship when her seizures started. She would see me come through the door and say, "It's Wee!!" She seemed so excited to see me. When we were coming into their house last night she pointed at me with delight in her eyes and it melted my heart. She does point at lots of things these days but to feel like she remember me made me feel great!!
On a selfish note, Jeanne went out of her way to buy me dairy free ice cream Yes, there is such a thing. She is an awesome friend!


Natalie Quote

Natalie: Mommie, may I hold Paige on the boppy?
Me: Sure, that sounds great.
Natalie: I'm not going to feed her.
Me: OK.
Natalie: My num-nums don't have any milk in them.
Me: Nope, they sure don't.
Natalie: We should go to the store and buy some to put them so I can feed Paige.
Me: Well....