We leave today to close on our house tomorrow. I am so excited and nervous. I can hardly believe that tomorrow that house will be ours! We are staying in Winston for the weekend to celebrate. This is will Paige's first roadtrip. We will see how it goes...

Another new baby!

Gabriel David Reames was born yesterday. He weighed 7lbs and 14 oz. Another potential husband for Paige, I love it!


Natalie Quote

Last night in the bathtub...

Mommie, I just blew bubbles with my bottom!!


Dear God,

When you get a moment, I have a suggestion. When you are creating and knitting together our children, I think you should install an LCD screen. A small screen on the forehead would do the trick. I think the screen would do a better job of cluing us clueless parents in than crying uncontrollably. The screen could tell us what to do to solve the problem...
  • Feed Me
  • Change Me
  • Burp Me
  • I'm sleepy
  • My tummy hurts
  • I'm hot
  • I'm cold
  • My clothes are annoying me
  • I'm not sure....

I think it would make everyone's life better!! Thanks for your time!



Timothy Reed Musser is here! We can't wait to meet him. He weighs 6lbs and 2oz. Lindsay and Tim are doing well. Congrats!!


I'm excited

So, I have had some up and down, sort of blah days. I am so psyched that SYTYCD starts tonight. Woohoo!! Get the TiVO ready. I will confess that I started watching "Dancing with the Stars". I love dancing shows. I think I will try to talk Kim into ballroom lessons one day....



So, here is what has been happening at our house...
  1. I had a wonderful Mother's Day. It started with Natalie's sweet little face peeking at me saying, "Happy Mother's Day, Mommie". Then she said "Let's go make mommie's lunch!" Umm, how about breakfast, I didn't sleep in. Sunday was also one of the first days that Paige started giving lots of smiles. So sweet!
  2. Natalie's behavior is greatly improved. Early last week I was ready to trade her in on a new model...She has also taken to using the potty again, I am so thankful.

  3. Paige has some sort of GI distress happening. We are still trying to find the cause. We are not sure if it is coming from a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance caused by my CRAZY oversupply of milk (we are working on that) or some sort of allergy/sensitivity. She already weighs 12lbs and 10 ounces (gained 4 pounds in 5 1/2 weeks) which goes along with my theory of too much milk on my part. I am also eliminating dairy from my diet to see if that helps. It is really hard to eliminate dairy. That mess is in everything!!
  4. We are getting really excited about our move.
  5. Natalie started swim classes.


Clarification and sweet picture

So, I am realizing after reading the comments from my supportive and loving friends that my last post made me sound a little too pitiful! I am actually doing well, I think, with the Mommie of two thing. I had several other obligations last week that were keeping me busy but they are done now! I had my last MOPS meeting as the Hospitality coordinator and helped to hostess a baby shower for my dear friend, Sarah. Done!! Now, I can concentrate more on my girls, Natalie's behavior could use some concentrating these past couple of days, getting ready to move and my job.

I am doing well, really, but am also starting to understand that lots of changes in our life is meaning lots of added stress. They are all good changes, the addition of a baby, buying our house, getting out of this townhouse which is feeling smaller by the day, Kim finishing training, Kim starting a new job. We are super-excited about all of these things but they are wearing on us. Deep breath. We will make it.

Here's to more blog entries in the next few weeks, getting some pictures organized and ordered, and throwing some crap out so that is doesn't get moved to the new house. I am giving up on Paige's cross-stitch for the next few months, my new goal will be to complete it by, what should we say, Christmas.

Here is a picture of Paige that I should have taken a week and a half ago when she was 4 weeks old, not 51/2 weeks old. Dang, time FLIES with the second child!! (I am beginning to understand some of the second-child complexes that my brother has...)


Survive and Advance Mode

This is where I feel like I have been living the past week or so. Just getting done what needs to be done for the next 24 hours. I don't really like living in this mode. I like to have the time/space/freedom to stay ahead of the game and do some not so necessary things: blog, cross-stitch, write in Paige's journal, etc. Anyway, I need to get back to doing some "necessary" things. Perhaps life will give me some space soon that I don't feel like I need to fill with sleep.