She's Here!!!

Paige Elizabeth arrived yesterday (3/26) at 4:11pm. She weighed 7 lbs 6 oz. and measured 20 inches in length.

Mom, Dad, baby, and big sister are all doing great. We can't wait for everyone to get to meet her.


My mom's encouraging comment of the day


Me: I have only gained about 17 pounds with this pregnancy so far.
Mom: That's not very much...
Me: I know, but I was overweight when I got pregnant.
Mom: How much did you weigh?
Me: 141 pounds.
Mom: 141 pounds! That's what I weighed when I had you!
Me: Thanks, mom!


Me: I was reading today that if Natalie and the baby are both crying I should take care of Natalie first because she will know what is going on and the baby won't remember.
Mom: I remember one time when I was in the grocery store and you all 3 started screaming. It was a nightmare.
Me: Nice!

Stay tuned...I am sure there is more encouragement to come!

If I want rest...

I gotta let go.

This was the lesson that I learned yesterday. I slept really bad the night before, I was exhausted before the day even started. I had breakfast with mom, dad, and Natalie and started thinking about plans for the day. Mom and Dad wanted to go into the city and look around, of course, they were willing to take Natalie with them. I kept thinking, sure, I will go. I want to be hospitable. I want to spend time with mom and dad. But, honestly, walking around Washington did not sound like fun to me.

What was the root of me wanting to go with them, my pride. I wanted to be there to be sure that Natalie behaved and that they made her behave. So that if she was good, I looked good and that if she was bad, I would be there to correct her. I wanted to be there to be sure that she was safe. Because, I am the only one who can keep her safe. I wanted to be the great daughter, capable of getting everything done to prepare for the baby, hanging out with them, all the while "resting".

In the shower I had a breakdown. Who am I kidding? What I needed was rest and the way that I was going to get that rest was to let go. My mom and dad are more than capable of caring for Natalie. They already raised 3 kids!! If she wasn't well behaved, well then, they could deal with it and we could work on it. If she had an accident in her panties, then they could clean it up!

It felt good to see them drive away. They had a great time. I got some stuff done and did, indeed, rest!

I hope that I will remember this lesson. Something tells me that I might need to hear it again. I have dreams of Natalie spending lots of time with her grandparents when we move back to NC but for that to happen, I can't be controlling her.

I am sure that she will live if she gets juice with her Happy Meal instead of milk.


I love this time of year!

College basketball on all day long, it is great!

Natalie keeps saying, "Are the Tarheels playing now?"

Davidson nearly messed my bracket up royally today. Perhaps I picked the wrong Cinderella.


My mom and dad get into town tomorrow. Praise God!! I am ready to be spoiled! Kim has the day off too so it should be a great day.

Because my blood pressure is not behaving, if I have not had a baby by Wednesday the plan is to be induced. I have mixed emotions about being induced. I am totally ready to have the baby and not excited about possibly having to wait two more weeks to meet her. On the other hand, it would be nice to go into labor on my own without a ton of intervention, just to know what that is like. Knowing the induction plan does make life a little easier. Mom and dad will be here to take care of Natalie. Hopefully I can have everything together. Kim will be off of work. Kim's mom and dad are coming up. There are advantages. So, at the most 5 more days until I have two kids. I am trying not to let that freak me out. A bit late for that now.


It's been so long...

I have been a blogging slacker for a while now. Where do I begin?

I didn't blog about the beautiful baby shower that my friend Sarah had for me, slack!

I didn't blog about the great weekend that Natalie and I spent with Lindsay and Daisy, slack!!

I didn't blog about the Heels winning the ACC regular season and tournament titles, slack!!!

So, today I am deciding to stop feeling guilty and to move forward.

38 weeks pregnant and waiting. I am trying to be patient but not doing a very good job. I am ready to meet this baby and hold her. I feel great, too good in fact. Every night when we go to bed I say to Kim, "wouldn't it be great if my water broke right now!" I know the chances of that happening are small but a girl can dream. Kim is anxious for me to go into labor so that he can get out of part of the bad rotation that he is on now. Really, we just want to have our baby here and know that she is ok. I can't wait! Bring on the pain!! I will get the drugs!

It looks like I, too, might experience what I am going to call the "T-6 Curse", living away from your spouse. It will not be to the extent that my dear roomies had to endure. Our townhouse had an offer put on it which would have us out on May 7th. We are not supposed to leave this area until June 23rd. The best two options right now are for us to find a furnished place to move into for about 6 weeks or for me to go live with my mom and dad and Kim to stay here. Kim is hopeful that we will find a place here. I have my doubts!! I just don't think we will find a place but we will see. We are looking and trying to get prepared. I am so ready to be in our house in NC and have a "normal" life for a little while, whatever that means.

What else, I don't know...I do need to post some pictures, another front I am feeling overwhelmed on.

I told myself that I wasn't going to watch AI this year, but I am. What can I say? I have to find something to watch while waiting for SYTYCD and it will not be Dancing with the Stars.

OK, that's enough.


Couch Potato

Yesterday at the doctor....

Doctor: So, I am not telling you that you are on bedrest, but you do need to be the official couch potato.
Me: OK.

Inside my head I was laughing at the man. Would you mind passing that information along to my 3-year-old and my husband's work. While you are at it, if you could tell the laundry to wash itself and the meals to cook themselves and the junk to go back where it belongs, that would be great!


Joyful Weekend

Well, it all started on Friday when we found out that our townhouse will not be foreclosed on on March 14th. We received a yucky letter last Tuesday stating that our landlord had been unable to pay the mortgage (even though we have been paying rent) and that the house would be foreclosed on. We were, umm, shocked. We had NO idea. We talked to our landlord, got the scoop from her, and started doing some planning. Our landlord talked with her bank on Friday and they worked something out so that we should be good through March. We are taking it one week at a time, trying not to panic, trying to be prepared, etc. But the good news is that we should be able to bring our new baby home to this house (rather than a friend's basement or an "Extended Stay America").

Saturday, yummy breakfast at Chik-Fil-A with my hubby and daughter. Kim did not have a single weekend off in February so to have him around was great! We spent to day together as a family doing a whole lot of "nesting" and catching up. Kim and Natalie had a great time together. The pitiful part was the way Natalie kept saying, Daddy, don't go to work! She just thought at any moment that he would be leaving. Pitiful!

Sunday, great time at church and a lazy afternoon. What could be better? Just having Kim around was such a blessing!!

Of course, lots of people came by to look at the house but I have a new level of patience with that now. It was a lot easier to keep the house clean and get out the door on a moments notice with Kim around.

It was the most relaxing weekend that I have had in a long time!! I was so thankful for it!!