Family of Four

Sometime around April 1st, Kim, Natalie and I will welcome a new member to our family. Here's a glimpse at the little one from earlier today!!! I'm about thirteen weeks and feeling great!! More thoughts on pregnancy and having another child to follow. I'm excited to get to share my secret. Now, I'm taking my tired self to bed.


Looking sweeter than she really is.

The real girl!

Great Weekend

Another weekend full of adventure for our family!

Kim and I had a great time at the baseball game on Saturday night. Hours spent with good friends are always fun. The game went into extra innings (we lost) and we didn't get home until after midnight, crazy kids! The report from Kim's parents is that Natalie did great. If they are keeping secrets it is fine with me!

We headed north on Sunday and took Kim's mom and dad to the Amish Country in Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful day to be out traveling. We had a yummy lunch, rode in a horse and buggy, drove around the area, went and saw "Thomas the Train" (very exciting for Natalie), and made it home before dark. It was a long day but a fun day!

Here are some pictures from our adventure.


So excited!

Tomorrow night Kim, Chris, Sarah and I are going out! We are going to a Washington Nationals game. I got the tickets for Kim for his birthday. I am so excited about time out with fun adults without my dear daughter. Kim's mom and dad are coming into town and are staying with Natalie so I am sure that she will have as much fun as we will. I don't know if I am more excited about the time with friends, the metro ride, the baseball, the hotdogs, the nachos, a cool autum night outside. it all sounds so wonderful to me.


Old song with a Natalie twist

So, here is Natalie's version of "Old MacDonald"

"Mic Old Donald had a farm..."


As Promised

Some recent pictures of my girl...
Giving her great-grandfather a happy birthday kiss.

Riding on her Papa's shoulders.

Playing in the river.

Lovely Afternoon

This afternoon, while Natalie napped, I prepared a meal for a new mom. This was the biggest blessing to me when I had Natalie so I am glad to return the favor whenever possible.

I discovered something about myself that I had forgotten...When given the mental and physical space, I really enjoy cooking! I whipped-up two lasagnas, brownies and salads and loved every minute of it!

I am also loving the fact that Natalie is in hour two of her nap and still going. This is my payback for this weekend!


Happy 88th Birthday, Chief!

What a joy to celebrate my grandfather's birthday with lots of family!!


Natalie Quote

We were driving down the road yesterday and Natalie saw the truck spraying water to water the grass/flowers.

Natalie: Mommie, is that truck going pee-pee?

Can you tell what we have been talking about in our house?


Children are expensive when the seasons are changing!

My sweet girl

Natalie has always been a verbal child. However, about two weeks ago someone hit the "super-verbal" button! Wow! The girl can talk! She really likes to sing, it is so increbily sweet.

When we arrived at my parent's house last weekend she sang her "ABCDs" (as she calls them) like this a,b,c,d,e,f,g,q,i,l,(mummbled mess), t,u,v,w,x,y,z. She woke up Sunday morning and could sing them perfectly!! Did she get a special lesson during the night?

Every car ride, she gives a running commentary. Today's went something like this:
"1,2,3,4,5, Mommie, I am counting the trees. 1,2, Mommie, I am counting the school buses. The trees are way up on the hill. Can I ride the school bus one day Mommie? Let's go buy some new shoes. Then, we can have a quesadilla for dinner. Does that sound fun? Does that sound fun Mommie?"

She has started to really enjoy talking to grandparents on the phone. She makes their day!

She is so much fun and a great buddy to have around during the day! I am really enjoying this age. I want to find the pause button!

I promise a recent picture soon!


Not a good day to be a Tarheel

Well, it happened, the Tarheels lost to ECU. I realize this game did not make national headlines but I am sure it will be making family headlines for a long time to come. Both of my brothers are ECU alum. They could be hard to live with for the next, I don't know, year.

Not to mention, my Dad is a Happy Appy and we will be hearing about their defeat of Michigan for a long time.

I love fall and football season. I know that the Tarheels will be getting better...Until Butch Davis performs some miracles, I am ready for basketball season. When, BTW, both of my brothers will be on the UNC bandwagon.

Natalie is a pro at saying "Go Tarheels! "Eat" the Pirates!" Too bad it didn't work out.


Always a sap

I am crying watching Roy Williams being inducted into the basketball hall of fame. Get a grip!

My Sweet Husband

Last night I had a meeting so I left right after dinner. Kim was on duty to give Natalie a bath and put her to bed. Lately Natalie wants to hear "Sleep My Babies" every night. Kim doesn't (didn't) know the words to the song yet.

He quickly mentioned it as I was walking out the door and I said "Don't worry, the words are on the blog and Natalie knows them." I didn't give it another thought until I was cleaning our bedroom this morning and saw the words to the song, printed from the blog, laying on the floor.

Kim doesn't do anything half-way, we all know that. He loves our daughter! He would do anything to her and wants to make everything just right.

If it would have been me and I didn't know the words to the song Natalie wanted, I would have just told her to pick another song. Kim makes me want to be a better parent.

I know this probably sounds simple to a lot of people but it was the sweetest surprise for me this morning. A love note that he left for me and he didn't even know it.

Kim, you are an amazing Dad (Daddy-Bear)! I love you!


Why Chic-Fil-A Rocks

So, after quite a blogging lull and reading what my friends have been writing I feel really bad coming back with a post like this but here we go...
  1. Free table-toppers (the plastic, disposable tablecloths)
  2. Purell hand wipes taped to kids meal bags
  3. Fresh fruit (for Natalie)
  4. Waffle fries (for Me)
  5. A nice man to open the door
  6. A nice man to help me get two highchairs to the table (one for Natalie, one for Madeline)
  7. A nice man to carry Sarah's food to the table
  8. Milkshakes!!!
  9. Lemonade in styrofoam cups

Seriously, the people a Chic-Fil-A are marketing geniuses!

  • The one down side is that the "toys" are not exactly "toys". They are educational books usually. Happy Meals toys win!