Happy Thanksgiving

I love this holiday. As I sat this morning and watched the Macy's Parade I was nearly in tears. The simple joys. Being snuggled with my girls in jammies sharing something with them that I have loved for so many years. Watching Natalie dance like one of the Rockettes. A day to enjoy yummy food with friends and family.
I need to get in touch with basketball season. I think that I am in denial that it is here. I can't believe that football season is this close to being over (after last weekend, it looks like it is time for it to be over). I haven't watched a full game yet. Are you kidding me. I need to get serious about some Tarheel basketball. Watching games brings me great joy. I need to get with the program.
Natalie has been challenging lately. Last week she told me that she missed the carpet from our house in Virginia. I don't think that Kim and I have thought about how tough this move has been on her. It has been easy for us. We moved home. Virginia was home for Natalie. She doesn't remember living here. I am trying to be more reasonable and loving. She is getting better. Parenting is hard.
Paige sleeps terribly in her pack-n-play. TERRIBLY!!! We have been out of town for the past to weekends and her sleep has been awful!! Quite a challenge. She sleeps great at home so I should count my blessings. Anyone have any tips?
I am going to Kohl's at 4:00 tomorrow morning with Lindsay. Am I crazy? Yes, I am. I have never had the crazy after-Thanksgiving shopping experience. Lindsay has. She is a vet. I have to be home by 6:00 when the girls will wake-up (Kim works till 2:00 in the morning). I will let you know how it goes.


Dawn said...

Good luck with Black Friday shopping. I'm impressed at your ability to get up that early to go shopping. Hope you find some great deals.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Miles said...

Leigh, I don't know if this will help with the pack-n-play thing, but Halleigh used to have trouble sleeping in hers until we discovered that she would sleep much better if we draped a blanket over the side so she couldn't see out. I don't know why that works--unfamiliar surroundings?--but it does for us. Good luck.

Jolynn said...

Agree with the covering the sides of the pack-n-play - some come with roll up, velcro-able (is that a word) sides that you can roll down and cover the mesh. Be careful that nothing falls down and would suffocate her - of course, I'm sure you would have thought of that yourselves! Who am I?!

Another thing we did was get a thick quilted mattress pad for the pack-n-play. That added some cushion and made a BIG difference! I thought G would never ever ever sleep in his again, but it got much much better! Before the mattress pad though, we put a thick mat-type-pad thing under the mattress of the pack-n-play (something you'd take with you if you were camping and could throw in your sleeping bag to add cushion). Hope it helps!