I have been away from blog-snooping for about a week and just caught-up with some of my favorite people. I love checking out my friends's blogs. It makes me feel like in some small sense I am keeping up with them. I love knowing that Dawn finally got a HOT shower, that Jenny's baby is growing well, that Kristen had a special day with her little man, that Christy's had the same luck with the holiday photo shoot that I did. You get the point.

While many of the people that I love are living in many different places I love having this way to keep in touch with them. I am terrible with the phone, ok with email, too lame for Facebook.

OK, now I must get to what I really came to the computer to do. My job.


Dawn said...

Leigh, I miss you roomie. I feel like I stay connected with you through this blogging world, too, so you can't stay away for so long. It leaves me wondering what's going on with my Leigh G, so keep on posting.

Stephanie said...

Hi Leigh, It's Stephanie (Jenny H's friend). I often link to your blog from Jenny's. Hope you don't mind. Your girls are both precious. Hope your family has a very merry Christmas.

Kristen said...

I love knowing what you all are up to as well, Leigh. It is great to watch your girls grow and to hear about your life as a mommy- a GREAT mommy. We really need to have a phone date...that will be one of my New Year's resolutions. Merry Christmas Tweedledee!