Natalie Quote

N: Mommie, you really need to clean the potty. It is really dirty.
Me: You're right, I do.

Called out by a 3 year old. Ouch!



I have been away from blog-snooping for about a week and just caught-up with some of my favorite people. I love checking out my friends's blogs. It makes me feel like in some small sense I am keeping up with them. I love knowing that Dawn finally got a HOT shower, that Jenny's baby is growing well, that Kristen had a special day with her little man, that Christy's had the same luck with the holiday photo shoot that I did. You get the point.

While many of the people that I love are living in many different places I love having this way to keep in touch with them. I am terrible with the phone, ok with email, too lame for Facebook.

OK, now I must get to what I really came to the computer to do. My job.