Away we go

Tomorrow morning we leave on an almost week long journey of job interviews. Our first stop will be in Johnson City, TN and after a few days there we will go to Winston-Salem. We are so excited to get some time together as a family and start thinking about the next phase in our life. A bonus of the trip, we get to celebrate Halloween with our dear friends. Natalie is so excited.

We will let you know how the trip goes. Until Friday.....


Baby/Belly Up-date

It guess this is a good thing, but time seems to be flying. I can't believe that I am already 17 weeks pregnant. I had a doctor's appointment today, which, at this stage is pretty uneventful. Pee in a cup, get your blood pressure checked (mine is a little high again but I am telling you that I have major anxiety at the doctor's office. if they would take my blood pressure after I got the hear the baby's heartbeat, it would be much better), step on the scale, measure your belly and then the moment you have been waiting for. You get to hear 30 seconds of reassure that everything is OK. You get to hear the heartbeat of your baby. Amazing!! Since I am feeling no sure baby movements yet I am living to hear the heartbeat of reassurance. I am ready for this kiddo to be kicking me and let me know he/she is in there!

We have an ultrasound scheduled for the 12th of November. If the kiddo is cooperating, we will find out if it is a boy or a girl that day!! Crazy, in 2 1/2 weeks we will know the gender of our baby. Then we will know if the name will be @#$%@ or $%^&#$. Yes, I think we already have names picked out. A little premature, I know.


Pumpkin Carvin'

After a lovely morning of hanging out at home and enjoying being a whole family, we headed to get some pumpkins to carve.
Why is Natalie wearing a 4th of July shirt? Because it is still 80 degrees!!

This was the only time Natalie touched the inside of the pumpkin. It totally grossed her out!!

Checkin' out Daddy's work in the pumpkin. He's got some skills!

One of the finished products. Kim was very proud of himself!

Natalie did not enjoy the carving process but thought that the jack-o-lanterns were fun.


Reality Check

As we were wandering through Chapel Hill yesterday I was realizing that I am looking old, unhip and certainly wouldn't pass as a traditional student anymore. Not that I was really ever "hip." Anyway, this reality was hit home when I remember that I was walking around with an Elmo potty seat in my backpack. Wow! Times have changed.

On a positive note, Natalie used the potty seat successfully, so my efforts were not in vain.

Great Day

Our trip to Chapel Hill yesterday was better than I dreamed it could be, except for the fact that we lost...

Highlights of the day:
  • Being in Chapel Hill
  • Watching Natalie get a Tarheel painted on her face
  • Being in Chapel Hill
  • Watching Natalie get a high-five from BUTCH DAVIS!!
  • Being in Chapel Hill
  • Experiencing and pageantry of college football and improved football atmosphere in Chapel Hill
  • Watching Natalie join in the "TAR-HEEL" chant
  • Being with my hubby for a whole day
  • Being in Chapel Hill

I could bore you with the details of the day but I will leave it with that. It was great!! As we were leaving the game Natalie said, "I don't want to go home! I want to watch the Tarheels more!!"


In My Mind...

Yes, I'm goin' to Carolina.

Actually, for real, I am. Tomorrow, Kim, Natalie and I are headed to Chapel Hill for the game. I am so excited!! A fall afternoon in Chapel Hill and all the pageantry of college football, my girl experiencing Chapel Hill. I am so excited!!

To add to the excitement tonight Kim and I are watching "Late Night with Roy." Yep, we paid the 9.95 to be able to watch it. Hey, it's cheaper than the movies and I might stay awake.

Go Heels!!


Cox Farm

Fun times at Cox Farm with friends.

Lots of fun slides

Yummy apples

Kettle Corn

Farm animals


Hay rides


Watch out!

They just opened a new Panera in our neighborhood that I can walk to. Bet they weren't counting on the preggo that loves carbs!!!


Today Natalie and I had a picnic lunch with our friends. Natalie loves to have picnic lunches and eat outside. I guess we needed to take advantage of, what will hopefully be, one of the last really warm days of the season. Picnics, such a simple thing that make my girl so happy!


Lighter Note

Last night at dinner Natalie proclaimed: "I Trust in the Lord!"

Whining about the weather

What the heck? It is October and close to 90 degrees.

I am tired of shorts! I want to wear jeans and long sleeved t-shirts and socks!

I want to go outside and enjoy the chill in the air. I don't want to sweat.

We are supposed to be enjoying apple picking and looking for pumpkins, who sweats when participating in such activities?

It is football season! Who wants to sweat while watching football?

For the love!! I want to cuddle up in a sweatshirt and drink warm apple cider.


There is was

I woke-up this morning, rolled over and there it was. My uterus protruding from my belly like a softball. I said "Hey, Kim, come look!" We both rubbed on the belly. Talked to the baby. I savored the moment. Then, I got up, went to the bathroom and my uterus returned to where it should be. Distinct visual evidence of the baby, gone for now.

I remember this happening with Natalie too. Although with Natalie I was more than 14 weeks. I was also growing a 10-12 cm cyst on my ovary with Natalie. I think I was often rubbing on a cyst, not my baby with Natalie but they tell me I have no huge cysts this time.

I love these moments. Evidence that our baby is growing! Kim catches me rubbing on my belly a lot and says "Leigh, stop, what are you doing? You love being pregnant, don't you?" Yes, I do! I love it! If I didn't have to be responsible for the kiddos after they left my body I would stay pregnant.


Happy Birthday

So, how many people can say that they are still in regular contact with someone they have know since they were six-months old? I am so glad that I can!

Happy Birthday, Jeni!

As mentioned Jeni and I know each other since she was born and I was the ripe old age of six-months. We went to elementary, middle and high school together. We parted ways for college. There was no way I was going to Wake or she was going to Carolina. Then, we both managed to live in Winston.

My relationship with Jeni is more like that with a sister. We have been each other's best friend and at times not so nice. Having said that we have been not so nice, we have always moved past that because we have know the value of the others friendship. I can go without seeing her for a long time, then see her again and it is like no time has passed. Friends like that are a treasure! I have no doubt in my mind that if I ever need Jeni she will be there for me and I hope she thinks the same of me.

So, Jeni, Happy 29th Birthday! I love you! I treasure our friendship dearly!


A differnt pregnancy experience

So far, this has been a different pregnancy.

It is a strange feeling to be pregnant and wanting so much to celebrate with the people that I love and not have them near me. Don't get me wrong, there are a couple of close friends here who have been every excited for Kim and I but nothing like when we were in Winston. For starters, I got to tell my mom and dad in-person that I was pregnant with Natalie, not over the phone. True, I could have waited but really I couldn't. I didn't get to share a secret giggle with my dear friend when she pulled my secret out of me. I didn't get the sweet embrace of other friends as I shared the news with them, it has been different. I long to be home to share this exciting time in my life with people I love and who love me (thank goodness for the Reames).

I am no longer working as a labor and delivery nurse and getting all the perks that go along with that. I didn't get to hand pick my doctors after seeing them in action. I don't get extra TLC at the office. I don't have an ultrasound machine available whenever I feel like looking at the baby. I don't have a Doppler to listen to the baby's heart whenever I need some reassurance. I won't know the nurse who is going to take care of me, talk about TLC. I have never been into the hospital where I will deliver. I will feel like an alien screaming that I am one of them, I know the secret talk, the lingo.

Speaking of working as a labor and delivery nurse, I miss my co-workers, especially now. They cared for me so well when I was pregnant. They were so excited for me and so protective of me. Great women, I miss them.

I realize this is starting to sound selfish like I just want a bunch of people of around to shower me with affection but really I just want to share this really exciting journey with my friends. There is nothing like being surround by people who love you. I am missing home (perhaps this is the work of the hormones...).